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Donlovesjackie started this conversation
I am a mother of 5 children ( 3 of my own  and raising a newphew and boyfriend's son) I try and try to make ends meet but it's not working at this time for me I am so far in debt I need a boost to get me back on my feet again... Please e-mail me at DONLOVESJACKIE@YAHOO.COM Thank you Jacquelyn Johnson
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Donlovesjackie, everytime you replay in your mind, thoughts of financial troubles, your bringing them into your life, even more. Don't focus on what you don't have, focus on what you do have. Take a piece of paper, and list, anything that you could, do to make money. There has to be something, you like to do, that you could make money at, now. Make a picture of the negative experience, in your mind, that's troubling you, now see that this negative experience, is really nothing, of itself. It's just that all your worrying, has been feeding it, and making it into this gigantic monster, that gets worse and worse. Think of something positive, anything. Place it in your mind, next to this huge, negative. And as you do, see the layers, of negativity, break up and dissolve, from the negative experience. See it dissolve and cauterize, out of you. This problem, you have,wasn't so bad at first, but over time, adding fear and worry, made it seem bigger, than your ability to deal with it. It's an illusion, this problem, compared to yourself, is really nothing. I realize your in a diffucult situation. But, start today to see it in a different light, and you'll start to feel and get better.

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I am very sorry about your troubles have you tryed to search for grants in your state they have helped me alot. Well I will pray for you sincerily todd jaeckel w

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Please help this family of 5 out! Thank you

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